Rethink Workflow comes with a comprehensive list of features covering every step of your business process automation, from creating the form, designing the flow, setting permissions, publishing for real world usages and tracking the progress.

1. Build A Form
So simple and easy anyone can use it

Our user-friendly system allows you to drag and drop controls onto a form quickly and easily. You’ll get a wide range of preset controls from our control library. Each control is customizable with corresponding properties such as dates, times, names, etc.

Creating a form has never been easier. Specifically designed to be clear and visually explanatory you will intuitively move through the selection of controls, dragging and dropping the ones that you need into the form area.

In just a few seconds, you will have an electronic form on the cloud that can be accessed and edited by relevant people. There’s no need to run around the office trying to follow a paper trail.

Rethink Workflow supports more than 20 types of validation, from indicating a required field to optional choices and validating an email address. This will save you time and reduce delays caused by missing or incorrect information.

Rethink Workflow will guide users with interactive prompts to help with correct editing for each section of the form. At the same time our system will validate the information at every stage.

From the most basic to the most advanced, we provide you with a large number of field types for you to select from. This means that once you’ve chosen a control to add to your form you can then edit the properties to suit your specific needs.

Want to show or hide a field based on other field values? Form Logic allows you to specify the visibility condition for each form field intuitively and effectively.

2. Design Workflow
Redefining workflow with states and transitions

We took an innovative approach to designing workflows. Our workflow system is comprised of various states and transitions. States signify the status of the document at a particular time and transitions represent the actions that move the document between states.

Rethink Workflow provides an intuitive graphical interface which gives an easy way to create states, transitions, visualizes the workflow.

Have you ever run into trouble with changing a form and/or a policy? Or do you need to create different forms and workflow for each department or group of users? Rethink Workflow allows you to create multiple variants of the same workflow, and to make it more convenient, we supports variant cloning so you can easily duplicate an entire form and flow that need to be processed by multiple users.

Unlike most other systems, Rethink Workflow allows you to publish a workflow that’s publicly accessible or strictly protected for internal employees only. With just a few clicks you can set or change the authority and permissions of any forms to help secure confidentiality and sensitive information at different states of workflow.

Rethink Workflow provides powerful alerts, prompts, and triggers to quickly gather valid information. Keep everyone involved in the process informed with email alerts to assist the whole team’s coordination and improve response time. You can even include any field values in the email subject or body to guide and direct responses.

Want to send an email automatically if the manager has not yet taken any decision on a request after a specific number of days (and include the reason for leave, maybe)? No problem, we got you covered with automatic reminders.

In many cases, the next person in the process is determined by a field in a form, especially a user dropdown or an email address field. For example, the manager who is going to approve the request for leave is determined by the employee who fills the form.

Rethink Workflow allows you to use a user dropdown or an email address field to accomplish this task. Simply add the correct field to the form and it will show up wherever you need it.

3. Set Permissions
Simple and powerful permission editor

Rethink Workflow has an easy to use Permission Editor that helps you to control what users can see and do on each state of a document. This prevents any user from accessing information that is not relevant to them and protects your confidential data.

Each field can be marked as read-only, editable, or hidden for a particular role on a particular state. For example, the comment field is only visible when the document is in the Pending Approval state so only the Supervisor can edit it. In Approved or Rejected state, the comment field is visible but not editable. This detailed level of permission is a valuable feature for managing and monitoring information output.

Apply specific permissions to the document owner, groups, individuals, and departments. Where work functions overlap or when across the board collaboration is required you can use a combination of permissions. Rethink Workflow supports complex permissions like ‘Only Managers of Human Resources department can edit this field’ or ‘Only people belonging to this ad-hoc committee can take Approve action’. This makes it easy for everyone involved to understand and focus only on items they have permission to edit.

At various states of a document’s process, specific actions are assigned to each state. For example, only employees who belong to Development organizational unit can initial a new request, or the Owner can press Submit when a document is in the Created state but can't press Approve or Reject in Pending Approval state. This allows only managers to have certain controls over specific documents.

We know that building the correct workflow takes time and efforts. Therefore, we try our best to simplify the process and make it easy to use for you. Before publishing your workflow to the real world, you can use our Permissions Review feature to go through each step as a specific user to see what he/she sees

4. Go Live!
Automate your business processes & track the progress

With a single click, you can make a workflow available for internal or external uses. Users can start creating and submitting documents directly from their computers, tablets, or smart-phones.

At a glance, see the list of pending and recent items, and track your progress with our beautiful widgets. You can also adjust various settings for individual widgets such as number of days in the report, number of documents displayed.

Rethink Workflow provides 4 types of dashboard for different needs. A global dashboard for each user, a global dashboard for the entire company, a per workflow dashboard for each user, and per workflow dashboard for the entire company.

Viewing the list of users and how many items are pending on their names will help to identify the slow points in the workflow, and take appropriate actions to eleviate them.

Having an issue or want to get help designing your workflow? You can chat directly with us within the application or simply send us an email. Rethink Workflow will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you sign up for PREMIUM plan, your support request is on top of our list. Rethink Workflow guarantees to reply to you within 48-hour timeframe.

The ability to collect, analyze, and export the input data to help making the right business decision is one of the key feature of Rethink Workflow. Our reporting module allows you to do the following:

  • Organize your data in a table format for readability.
  • Add, remove, rearrange, and sort one or more columns.
  • Filter the input values in realtime.
  • Export the form input values and workflow meta-data to CSV (Excel readable format) and JSON.
  • Format column values before extracting or exporting.